Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Striking Against the Evil Empire

A WWWACie friend of mine, Scott Granneman (columnist for the ever-so-helpful, Security Focus) has written a great book published by O'Reilly (the only name in computer-related dead tree publishing) explaining why you should take a strike against The Evil Empire and instead, Get Firefox. Because I support both WWWACie people and dead-tree publishing as much as I hate, loathe and despise MicroSloth's Evil Empire, I wanted to be sure to promote this book.

Well thought out explanations of the ups and downs of internet browsing combined with the myriad of security risks you take when you let MicroBilly into your net.world all come together in a book even a net.newbie can follow.

In real life, Scott Granneman teaches responsible internet usage, security commonsense (which is neither common nor sensical in a world dominated by the Evil Empire) and often chimes into the WWWACieworld with the voice of reason. We artiste types can get pretty unreasonable.

Thanks, Scott!!



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