Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oops, Michelle Did It Again!

You have to play this video. But put down any liquids or don't blame me for screen-sprays. Michelle really should have been a standup comic, huh?

The banned video--well, you can't watch it on YouTube anymore, but never fear, in the spirit of Free Speech, it has been preserved. The banned video, titled "First They Came" is available as a Windows Media File (.wmv) for downloading and viewing offline from HotAir or backed up here if the HotAir link overloads (they need to double up their servers for this one!)

What was so offensive? A simple little Anti-Jihadist video montage. I can see a similar accounting of major Jihadist mass murders over the last several years right here on YouTube and embedded on my blog here - why didn't they pull it like Michelle's? Obviously, when Muslims speak out against Jihad, it's okay, but when victims of the Jihadists respond, it's not.

Keep up the good work, Michelle!!


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