Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baen Books Donates to the Troops

I've posted this all over the Bar, but here it is on my blog, too, why not? Baen Books has graciously donated 100 books to the Barfly Baking Brigade to package up and ship overseas to some of the Barflies who're serving in the US Military, fighting the good fight in the GWOT.

The books have all been labeled and gift wrapped, so no one will know what's inside until they rip it open--hopefully, no one's gonna actually try to save any of this wrapping paper *grin* Every present is a winner 'cause they're all Baen, and that means they're all good.

The labels say...well, here take a look. Here's a shot of one of the Lois McMaster Bujold titles which carries a "secret prize" - like Cracker Jack but better 'cause this prize is actually a collector's item. According to Lois, these cards were printed incorrectly by her TSK publisher (not Baen), and had to be redone--making this version a limited edition collector's item. There are five Bujold titles in each batch of books going to our three locations. Only three of the Bujolds have a card hidden inside. It's a real treasure hunt now! Visit Lois's Dendarii Nexus to see the full cover art for TSK - it's something else, huh? Wonder if there'll be cards for the second half--and if they, too, will have typos and needs be reprinted *smirk*

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jihadist Expansion

H/T Jihad Watch for filtering out this AP News story.
BANGKOK - Four Buddhists were shot dead yesterday in Thailand's restive south, as the government warned it may have to change its strategy to counter the rising violence.

A gunman posing as a customer whipped out a gun and shot a 59-year-old food vendor in Pattani province in front of dozens of horrified bystanders, police Lt Wichathon Timkrom said.

In nearby Yala province, gunmen killed a 34-year-old truck driver as he rode his motorcycle with his wife, Police Lt Prasom Laungphu said. His wife was not hurt.

Two other Buddhists were shot dead yesterday in Narathiwat province, police said. Gunmen fired into a grocery store in Rueso district, killing its owner Wanna Ongananurak, 35, and a second woman who was as yet unidentified, police said. Thailand's military-installed government has pledged to make peace in the south a priority, and to reverse the hardline policies of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was deposed by a coup on September 19.

But with daily killings continuing unabated, Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont said the government may have to change course if the situation does not improve.

As was reported just one week earlier, Thailand's predominantly Muslim southern region is and has been a bed of death, destruction, hate and violence. What a coincidence. Thailand hasn't exactly been a quiet place throughout history, but the stats point to a very Islamic cause:
More than 1,800 people have died from violence in Thailand's three southernmost, Muslim-majority provinces — Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat — since an Islamic insurgency flared up in January 2004.
Somehow, 1800 deaths in just 2 years ALL concentrated in the Muslim-dominated regions of Thailand's south kinda sorta says to me, there's a connection. Let's see, how would the math work out? [Radical Islamic Fundamentalists] + [Generally Peaceful Thai Population] = 1800 Dead Thais in 2 years. Yep. Seems to addup.

March of the Toy Soldiers

So I have begun this year's Christmas Cookie Marathon. A little late this year. Usually, I begin over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but I was still messin' around with NaNoWriMo back then.

I'm also not baking for the St. Labre Indian School (for which I started baking back in 1985) or even my relatives this year. Instead, I decided just to bake for the troops overseas who are protecting my freedom. Without them, I couldn't sit back here and bake cookies at all, could I? Could you?

Think about it this holiday season. There are lots of ways to give. If you don't bake, maybe buy a yummy America's Heroes (Reconnaissance Marines) 2007 Calendar. Not only will any woman to whom you give it thank you every month of the next year, but 100% of the proceeds go to help those heroes and their families who've sacrified a life, limb or part of themselves for your freedom and safety. Buy one for every woman you know! You can even write off the cost as a tax-deductible donation to a non-profit charity!! It's a win-win.

If you don't like the idea of supporting a beefcake calendar that helps men and women who've fallen in the line of duty (I have to ask, Why not?) you can give in other ways.

Donate books to Operation Paperback--hey, you wanted to clean out the attic, garage and basement anyway to make space for next year's clutter, right? Or sponsor a ready-made "Shoebox CARE package" or just help the Military Moms do what they do best. There are lots of options. Give time, effort or money this holiday season - to help protect your freedom, liberty and safety tomorrow.