Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nasrallah wants it all--and thinks he can get it!

Update: From The Jerusalem PostApproximately 800,000 converged on Beruit where Nasrallah, under heavy guard and speaking behind bullet-proof glass, thanked God for what he called a "divine victory" against the Jewish state. Okay, if that's what you call victory...but next time, maybe forego the bullet-proof cage and come out to where our bullets can show you Victory in the real world.

Here are the headlines:
From Ha'aretz:
Nasrallah: No army in the world can disarm Hezbollah
From Jerusalem Post:
Nasrallah hails 'victory' in first appearance since July
From AP News:
Hezbollah Leader: Arsenal Undiminished
From Ynet:
Nasrallah: We have 20,000 missiles
And we know from this summer, Nasrallah is not afraid to use them--against innocent civilians, his own and Israeli.

The news sources are all telling the same story. Nasrallah feels victorious, says as much and is still intent on taking over the world. Guess he's a fan of The Brain, too.

The problem, of course, is the UN. Yeah, big surprise. The UN Peacekeepers (*laugh*) are shaking the hands of the Hezbollah as they walk on by--excuse me, as they march on Beruit.

Meanwhile, Deputy-General Guy of the Givati Brigades currently patrolling southern Lebanon said this morning that even if Nasrallah attended the Hizbullah 'victory' rally later today, the IDF would not attempt to assassinate Nasrallah. Of course, we can make no guarantees about stray bullets and what they might do. After all, Nasrallah still hasn't made any friends in the Sunni world.
Many Christian and Druse minorities, as well as the large Sunni Muslim community, are unconvinced [by Nasrallah's 'victory' speeches'] and have called for the state [of Lebanon] and its military to be the only armed force in Lebanon. (see Yahoo! News for more)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah says:
Nasrallah feels victorious, says as much and is still intent on taking over the world. Guess he's a fan of The Brain, too.

At least he's got a good theme song. "Yalla Ya Nasrallah" :)

1632 reference:
"What shall we do today, M. Le Cardinal?"
"The same thing we do everyday, Your Highness... Plot to take over the world!"
-- From Louie and Richie :)

Your Attention Please Pt IV is no doubt coming soon:
Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

"I never made but one prayer to God, a very short one, 'O lord make my enemies rediculous.' And God granted it." - Voltaire

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