Tuesday, August 29, 2006

'A New Intifada' for a New Day?

As though the Middle East isn't confusing enough for most, now we have infighting among the RIFs (or RISs--fill in whatever "S" word comes to mind!!) or whatever you want to call these asswad terrorists masquerading as "official" organizations. Oh, I'm sorry, is "asswad" someone's
Originally uploaded by name? Ooops.

The JERUSALEM POST tells us Fatah, which was started by Yassar Arafat, the Father of All That is UNholy, has decided to launch a brand spanking new "intifada" against Hamas. May they slaughter each other and leave the Free World alone at long last!

Fatah activists and officials in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are threatening to launch an "intifada" against veteran leaders of the party, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in an attempt to force them to accept demands for internal reforms and elections.

Go forth and intifada yourselves, boyz! With my blessing (good little Jewish girl that I am, I must bless you to your vile and much-deserved deaths).



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