Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hamas & Fatah: Back to Zero

Both The Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz are carrying an AP News story on the fact that Abbas and Haniyeh are actually talking to each other again. They're not saying much and the whole thing is being summed up as "unity government talks back to zero" Well, no kidding!! When Abbas goes to beg US Dollars (and gets turned down) and the people on the street come begging for work or governmental aid (and get shot for it), I kinda think there's not much point to two idjits in fancy suits sitting down to talk. Oh wait, it was a Kodak moment. Now I see the point.

The "talks" are probably focused more on how to team up to get money than they are on how to make an actual government for the "Palestinian" people. Their whole focus is on getting the international aid (read: American Dollars) to start flowing again. Since Haniyeh still insists Israel has no right to exist, and Abbas is courting Egypt, they might actually converge on a point of agreement. Egypt doesn't want Israel around much longer either. Funny, Egypt used to be such a good neighbor.


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