Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Radical Islam's War on Peace

In response to the "Yalla Ya Nasrallah" video/song (posted on YouTube and blogged here for your convenience) this 9-1/2 min video is surprisingly good (even if the first 2 mins are just the credits). It's encouraging to see, even. Oh, and Nasrallah makes a poignant little speech in the last minute or two of the video. Nothing's new there, sadly.

I keep using the expression "The RIFs are waging a War on Peace" rather than talking about the West's "War on Terror" because we in the West are not the ones who started this war or who want this war. The West wants peace--and everytime Peace breaks out, the RIFs are there to wage war on it.

The video opens in a timely fashion for posting it here and now--noting how taken aback the US was when the 9/11 attacks occurred in 2001. Some of the Islamics speaking on this video are former terrorists themselves or, one of particular note, the daughter of a "Martyr" RIF. I think the message "We in Islam need to know about this!!" is just as important to get out there as is the message "We in the West need to realize the full scope of this."

The War Against Peace isn't going to be over tomorrow, but did you know how long it's been going on? Watch the video, mentally absorb the decade-long montage of "recent" events and think back on the last century for more.

How long has the War on Peace been going on? Too long.


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