Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tony Blair, Love Him or Leave Him

England's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is being loved and loathed, in equal parts, across the British press and the blogosphere. His final speech as leader of England's Labor Party makes for interesting reading. Read the transcript here.

If you prefer video, pop over to Hot Air where a selected segment addressing Blair's plea to the Brits to wage on in the WOT is embedded for your convenience.

If you prefer the loathing party, join Richard at EU Referendum for a slice and dice of Mr. Blair's record.

To get a roundup of all the opinions in the English press, leave England and check Australia's Herald Sun for a comprehensive set of quotes.

Neither The Jerusalem Post nor Ynet had anything new to add to the AP News feed - Ha'aretz didn't even carry a story of the speech, which focused a significant chunk of time on the global WOT.


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