Monday, September 25, 2006

AP = Al-Qaeda Propagana?

I thought we'd already answered this question! Apparently not! The Boston Herald has finally noted what Blackfive discussed a week ago, with an update a few days later.

The Associated Press insists none of this is true, but I'm with Herald columnist, Jules Crittendon:
I’m thinking, Bilal Hussein looks like an accessory to murder. I’m thinking, I hope the U.S. intelligence agents who have him are getting good information out of him. And I’m wondering, who does The Associated Press want to win this war?

The real question should be, however, when are we going to have had enough and stop letting the American Propaganda Machine feed us lies? If American journalists won't dig a little deeper for the truth, we can do it for ourselves--the internet works, the blogosphere is busy--but then, remind me why we'd need to buy newspapers or have talking heads on TV? Hmmm, I think I see an area for recouped costs in our futures.


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