Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blame Them Dogs at Just Barking Mad

I've been avoiding saying anything about the whole "Palestinian situation" even with the so-called "Bloody Sunday" (that's Palestinian-speak for the Jewish Holy Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur) but those guys over at Just Barking Mad pushed every button when they posted this one.

So I had to reply.

Then I had to start quoting. Then I linked in articles. Then I realized, gee, I'm blogging on JBM and I have got a blog of my own!!

Here's what I said there (I think it was too long 'cause it didn't show up). It figures an Atrocious man like Marcus and a Quilly Mammoth would manage to convince me to blog someone else's blogspace ;-)

You guys didn't cite your source (*tsk tsk*) though I can recognize The Jerusalem Post rehash of AP News reporting anywhere *grin* The JPost has a whole series of articles on this weekend's latest -- they're calling it "Bloody Sunday"! What a joke! It's a sick joke, but it's a joke because this Sunday was no more (or less) bloody than any other Sunday. The Post reporters were just feeling all holy given it was Yom Kippur this Sunday-Monday. Sadly, Ha'aretz isn't much better and Ynet is much worse. I don't dare look at Yediot (the Hebrew language, usually WSJ-like newspaper).

The poll of which you speak, I think is the one conducted between Sep 19 and 22 and in fact, only polled 1200 Palestinians and the results only said Hamas and Fatah each had about a 1/3 backing, not 50/50 as you suggested. From this JPost article:
In the survey, 56% said a national unity government was the best way out of the current crisis. If an election were held today, Fatah would get 32% of the vote, compared to 30.5% for Hamas.
To be honest, callous though it may sound, I'm getting damned sick and tired of hearing how Hamas has attacked Fatah, Fatah has attacked Al-Aqsa Brigade and Al-Aqsa, naturally, has attacked Hamas--or was it the Islamic Movement? I can't keep track of the players, they seem to breed new names and factions overnight!

The bottom line is, the Israelis have cut off the money-launderers and unless the US offers one or the other of the players (Hamas or Fatah, being the 2 largest) some kind of U$D aid, they are just gonna keep shooting each other and beating themselves into the ground. They have been given chance after chance after chance. The Israelis pulled out, let them totally alone in Gaza and they did NOT use the money they then had available to do humanitarian aid (food, medicine, construction of homes, subsidizing farmers) but rather , bought more weapons. Yeah, that was smart infrastructure planning. Right.

I want that WALL to go up and NEVER to come down. Just wall them out of Israel and they can kill themselves off with their good friends, the Egyptians, supplying the weapons and means of escape.

And now, I shall STOP blogging here at JBM and go bark up my own tree, erm, blog ;) You guys really know how to push my buttons, don't you? Have you noticed there's been not one single word by me either on the blog or in Ringo's Tavern about the "Palestinian situation"? It's been deliberate but I just can't keep it in anymore when you go pushing those buttons! Thanks *groan*



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