Tuesday, October 03, 2006

British Torries Excluding Jews out of ... Ignorance?

Mind-boggling though it seems, the British Conservative Party scheduled its annual conference in Bournemouth to begin on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar - Yom Kippur. It's mind-boggling not because non-Jews have not a single clue when Jewish Holy Days fall (though Jews and the rest of the world certainly know when Christian and Muslim holidays are happening often enough!) but rather the Torries are "a party with several Jewish MPs including Oliver Letwin and Malcolm Rifkind."
"What message does this send out to the Jewish community, if the party if not sensitive to their needs," said one Tory supporter. "We are reaching out to all sections of Britain’s diverse community, but I fail to understand how we could have forgotten it was Yom Kippur, there are many Jews who would want to attend, but now cannot."

I don't buy for a minute that anyone "forgot." I don't buy for a minute that anyone even checked. It's truly sad to see this level of "closet bigotry" - people who don't even realize or won't admit they are being bigoted or limited in their very thinking - but take note, the British press is covering the conference but not the absence of the Jewish MPs. Not the Daily Telegraph, not the The Guardian, not even the sensationalist rag, The Sun, made use of this headline.

Funny, it's like the Jews in the nation's leading Party don't even exist, right? Yeah, right. No, no blinders on these folks!!


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