Saturday, October 07, 2006

GITMO - An Insider Speaks

Updated: Read Part 4 "on the treatment of the detainees" and the Grand Finale, Part 5, "on the media coverage of life at Gitmo." Thank you to both Stashiu3 and Patterico for presenting this Insider's Look - be sure to read the comment threads (hundreds on each segment of the series).

At Patterico's Pontifications, a series of articles are being posted--more coming each day!--detailing Patterico's exclusive interview with “Stashiu,” an Army nurse who worked at Guantánamo, and who spoke on a regular basis with detainees with psychological and/or behavioral problems. Stashiu, going by the handle, Stashiu3 on various milblogs and other locales in the, is a US Army Major and qualified mental health specialist. He's also a remarkably ethical man whose patriotism is unquestionable.

Read through all three parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) of the essay available as of now, and bookmark the site to go back and get more of the story as Patterico and Stashiu3 piece it together in a comprehensive and well-written series of essays. Be sure to add your own comments and questions to the comment trail because Stashiu3 is listening--and responding to reasonable inquiries--on the blog.

Don't forget to thank both gentlemen for the time and effort they're putting in to assemble this for us, as well as thank Stashiu3 for his service in the WOT.


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