Thursday, October 05, 2006

OfficiallyScrewed BANNED BY YOUTUBE

Welcome aboard!! At first glance, it looks as though OfficiallyScrewed screwed up, but no! The alleged copyright infringement is the front. You see it's like this, OfficiallyScrewed has uploaded hundreds of right-wing, PRO-MILITARY, Anti-Jihad videos for months. DhimmiTube has just used this recent debate footage (in which, btw, OfficiallyScrewed, naturally, takes the Right side of the debate) as the means of siccing an American law firm on a Canadian Free Thinker who supports the War on Terror.

You'll recall he's the one who personally videotaped "Red Friday", the Canadian rally at which tens of thousands of Canadians showed their support for the CF presence in Afghanistan and Iraq and both acknowledged their military's valor and fortitude, as well as honoring those who have fallen in the WOT already (and Canada has lost more than we have, in the US)

I really think Flurl, which does not censor as broadly as DhimmieTube or selectively as GoogleVideo, is going to see a lot more business. We can only hope OfficiallyScrewed will preserve some of his great pro-military, anti-idiotarian videos for sake of the Jihad. That's the YouTube Jihad Against Free Speech; OfficiallyScrewed is for free speech in the Free World *grin*

In addition to the "Red Friday" set noted above, some "must see" clips still remaining in OfficiallyScrewed's YouTube space (many have been removed, you have until Sunday to see these):

Lunatic Fringe
Smackdown September 25th, 2006
NDP Promote Surfin On Heroin

And an OfficiallyScrewed Favorite:
UN Ambulance Transporting Terrorists


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