Sunday, October 15, 2006

Heroes...not to mention hunky guys

So what is there not to like here?

We've got a calendar (good) with photos of healthy, hunky guys (always good) who are young (yum), physically-fit (read: ripped--yummy-yum), smart (required), courageous (now you have my attention), determined (read: properly armed mentally), have pretty much dedicated themselves to the US of A (the only kind of guy worth mentioning here) and hey, a few of them have really great smiles and nice, pretty eyes. Yeah, right, it's their eyes I'm checking out.

No, really, look at Mister September's eyes peeking out from the bushes--are those eyes or are those eyes? :) Yeaaaahhhhhh, I confess, some of the other shots are more suitable wallpaper 'cause they'll probably hold my interest longer, but hey, this is a blog and I'm a girl and NOT doing the female version of "tits for hits" like the guys at JBM (or rather, like Marcus at JBM every Friday night ;-)))

Seriously, buying this calendar not only provides all female customers with hours of entertainment :) but the purchase price is a tax-free contribution to support our troops. It's only $14.99 and you'll pay nearly that much for a calendar in the mall, won't you?

But this calendar let's you show your own patriotism by contributing to the aid of our wounded troops, their families, and the families of the fatally wounded. Freedom Is Not Free is a non-partisan, non-profit 501 (c) (3), organization - you can deduct the $14.99 when you file your taxes. It's a win-win. PLUS you get to see all the pretty Force Recon Boyz in the Buff :-) Thank you, gentlemen, keep the calendars erm, coming!

Be sure to buy your tee shirt, too, so you can support Red Shirt Friday for all of the US Troops fighting everyday for your freedom.


Anonymous Marcus said...

Hey now, don't be knockin' the "Tits for Hits!" I do it as a public service.


Fri Oct 20, 12:57:00 AM CDT  
Blogger -sry said...

My dear, dear, man, you are as clueless as your forebears :) A *REAL* public service would have lots and lots of pictures of Hunky Heroes for all of your FEMALE readers. Alas, guy that you are, you serve only your MALE readers' needs.

Gee, and tell me again why we women always conclude that you guys are just too clueless when it come to skin?

Though I confess, Marcus, you *do* have some of the most tasteful porn in the blogosphere. I've seen far too much that is far too much more raunchy than what you're splashing about every Friday. Hey! gotta go see THIS week's collection, right? :)


Fri Oct 20, 06:43:00 PM CDT  

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