Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day - Please Say Thank You

While you're sitting around your BBQ, drinking your beer and laughing with your friends this long, holiday weekend, try to remember that your freedom to do that is being paid for by others. Soldiers world-round have sacrified their own freedom of choice to stand up and toe the line so you and I can sit back here behind it, free and safe. As CitizenReign said in the song which won them a recording contract from Epic Records this spring, those soldiers out there dying and defending our freedom Fight For Me.

Thank them.

That's all they ask. Don't forget they're out there. Remember them. Appreciate their sacrifice. That'll make it all worth it at the end of the day.

Freedom is not free. If you can't see your way to buy (and wear each Friday) a red T shirt to visibly show your support (or are afraid Some Author Who Shall Remain Nameless might think you're hinting at a desire to be umm, "redshirted" in his next novel), please consider showing your support this weekend some other way.

Email the American Troops courtesy of ""

Email the Australian Defense Forces courtesy of this open mailbox.

Post a note on the Canadian Forces Bulletin Board.

If you have an internet-enabled way to reach the troops in Her Majesty's Service, let me know and I'll add that info to my ongoing collection. The Britons could use a "thank you" this weekend, too but I only have the snail mail addies in this post I assembled last September.

You can also stop by any of the milblogs and post a big THANK YOU in the comment threads of any posts. Try one or more of these (my top 3 favorites for milbloggers w/links to others on the milblogging network):


One last suggested "thank you" to send this weekend - thank the spouses who have willingly offered their beloved's service (by supporting their choice to serve) in order to protect your freedom. Stop by SpouseBuzz and tell the wives, husbands and SO's you appreciate their sacrifice this weekend, too.


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