Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lacey's Eyes

Back in November (2006) I ran across this artist through a series of links from cartoonist's and CG artist web sites. I found her stuff to be hypnotizing, though dark at times. The artist's web site has a larger version of this painting--I Photoshopped it down to just the shoulders and up view (she paints the woman down to the waist or hips IIRC).

Although the gauntness and fraility of this subject is definitely not what I have in mind for Lacey, the eyes are dead-on in mood. The color's "wrong," too green, not quite cold enough, but the mood is just...sad and haunting enough. I dunno, maybe it's the perfect, pouty lips or the bony high cheekbones. The expression on this subject is what captivated me and brought thoughts of Lacey to mind. Check out samples of Lori Earley's other works on her web site.

I'm still thinking of the fashion examples collected in this earlier post, not to fear. The high-heeled thigh-high boots, for sure, ain't gonna get dropped from this story and besides, Lacey ain't no skeleton. Think athletic, lean killing machine in high heels :)


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