Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hezzy Humor Strikes Again!

This stuff is getting better everyday! I got that one a few weeks ago but got a few new ones from my brother-in-law just the other day.

How do you spell "STOP THE KILLING" ? I think it depends on who you are! Clearly, in the old-fashioned RIF school, they not only have an Alternate History and an Alternate Reality, but an Alternate Dictionary!

Truth is, it really depends on what language you're speaking or...

...which little phrase book you have on hand, now doesn't it?

Did you know the Green Helmet Guy has gotten his own operator now? First he gets a blog (http://greenhelmetguy.blogspot.com/) now he's got an operator and next thing you know, he'll have his own movie studio. Oh, wait!! That was the last Lebanese debacle. Been there, done that. Cut!


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