Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another Day, Another Tunnel

Update:According to The Jerusalem Post, today, Egyptian security forces destroyed a tunnel used to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip. Chief of Israel's Shin Bet Security Service, Yuval Diskin, accused Egypt today of allowing Palestinian gunmen to smuggle 19 tons of weapons and explosives into the Gaza Strip since Israel withdrew from the coastal area last year. Naturally, Egypt denies any such thing. The tunnel, which was three meters (10 feet) in diameter and ran eight meters (26 feet) under the surface, started in a deserted building on the Egyptian side of the border town of Rafah and crossed into Palestinian controlled Gaza.
On Thursday (love that time zone effect!) the IAF air strike on a weapons runner in Rafah killed a 14 year old girl. Hopefully, she wasn't one of the gun-runners, but no actual confirmation of that can be made or denied. Sick how children--male and female--are used by the terrorists to move and protect weapons, isn't it?

The "Palestinian" terrorists seem to really like to dig tunnels. The latest was dug 25 meters underground and reached Egypt. But this is only the latest of many, many tunnels these RIFs run all over the Gaza Strip. I'm surprised the whole block of land doesn't collapse and fall off into the sea (no, we should all only be so lucky!)

Since Israel pulled out of Gaza last summer, turning over control of the border to Egypt and the Palestinian Authority (whoever that means today), cross-border smuggling of weapons and explosives has increased considerably, according to the IDF.

The tunnels aren't just used to smuggle weapons and explosives--this is how they kidnapped Gilad Shalit and carried him off to Egypt. And they're still kidnapping people using the tunnels, this time one of their own, a journalist! The Jerusalem Post reports no one's laying claim to the latest kidnapping nor is there any apparent reason for kidnapping Abu Amr, who is known to his listeners as Abu Basel, the host of a popular talk show that is broadcast every morning in the Gaza Strip.

I think the reason is apparent enough: it's the "Palestinian" way of life. This is how they make a living--since international aid was cut off, the money launderers put out of business, and the "leaders" are unable to even sit and talk, this is pretty much all they've got left to do: violence against each other. Pretty sad, but why am I not surprised?


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