Friday, September 01, 2006

Antithesis of "Support our Troops"

National Guardsman Brutally Attacked In Pierce County

Why can't I find any other, more national news coverage of this August 30th event? Oh, probably because it's just not spectacular enough headlines for anyone to care anymore. Grrr.... I feel as though things like this make a liar out of me when I tell people like Capt B "No, don't wonder, we support you guys." I don't like being made into a liar, even by obvious pundits and fools.
"During the assault the suspects called him a baby killer. At that point they got into the car and drove off and left him on the side of the road,” said Detective Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.
KIRO TV has the only coverage of this I've found. Please hit the comments and tell me if you find out more on this insult to our national honor.



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