Friday, September 01, 2006

Intifada or "Government"?

This is a follow-on note to my earlier item 'A New Intifada' for New Day, where I'd suggested that despite popular belief, Hamas and Fatah would turn to their usual infighting and simply beat on each other. Well, guess what?

Apparently, to Hamas and Fatah, "intifada" and "government" are the exact same thing. They have finally shown their true colors and let it be known that they cannot succeed in joining forces to create a peaceful unity government in the Palestinian Authority (that term is the oxymoron of the century!) No, instead, the terrorists will remain true to form and continue to turn to terror and anarchy as a hungry, thriving force within the Gaza Strip.

So can we now stop calling them "organizations" and just call them what they are: terrorists?



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