Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't wonder...just remember!

Saw this note by Capt B this morning on Blackfive (source is actually on OneMarinesView) and I really had to stop and wonder myself: How come so many people who've already made so many sacrifices are just going unnoticed by the MSM? Or worse, going unnoticed and unappreciated by the American public?!

I answered Capt B on Blackfive and wanted to put a note here, too. A small group of the Baen Books web community (Baen's Bar) denizens (Barflies) have assembled into the Barfly Baking Brigade. We have a Yahoo! group setup but only 3 soldier POCs in our database.


Granted, one POC we already have is a Navy Chief on a carrier so that's really access to about 5000 sailors "Somewhere On The Seven Seas" (or intervening waterways ;-)

And yes, I'll admit, we also have a Supply NCO in Afghanistan at a depot with "an international presence" so there's a funnel for us to show what Good Americans we Barflies are sending goodies to share with our NATO buddies and pals.

Oh and there is Major Shane the Treadhead in Parts Unknown, though since we aren't really supposed to know where he is or where they're going, it makes it kinda tough to say whether or not they are still in Parts Unknown or maybe slipped a link over the line during the night. Ooops, no lines. No links! No never mind. Last we heard, he said the gang is just great and they are drowning in fudge, but that was a while ago. Next shipment to NeverNeverLand coming right up! :)

We are definitely seeking more volunteer soldier POCs. If you are willing to be the "name on the package" and think you and your buds could use some home-baked sugar (yeah, like there is ANYONE who might turn down home-baked anything while they're sitting out there in the middle of Podunk Central), just sign up for the group and enter your data in the database.

IMPORTANT: Since the group is moderated, you have to say who you are when you join or you don't get approved to have access ;-) Cutting down on the spam, sorry for the inconvenience.

Be sure to use my name (-sry or Sarah) and say you saw my note on Blackfive or here. If you cannot access Yahoo! (we've heard the USN in its wisdom has blocked the entire domain *groan*) just post a note here, give me an email addie where I can get back to you to gather your contact data and I'll enter it for you.

We won't turn down any new helpers, either, even if you are not a Barfly, you can join the Baking Brigade (or Barfly Bookers--don't ask, I won't tell) by joining the Yahoo! group.

The only "cost" we charge is you must tell us when the stuff arrives and well, we'd really like some more pictures to add to the BBB Flickr page, someone who does not know or work with or peck at or even cackle at CPL Mikel would be a welcome change. ;-)



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