Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Memouleh - Yum!

Should be ready in another 15 min. or so...can't wait!

For those who have no idea what "Memouleh" is, that's a Hebrew word which literally means "stuffed" or "filled" as in one food stuffed or filled with another. Generally, though, it's referring to what I'm making for lunch (okay, late lunch/early supper) today: red peppers stuffed with a tangy paprika rice. Or maybe grape leaves stuffed with spicy cinnamon-rice or eggplant stuffed with... well, you get the idea, but Schnuck's has red peppers on sale this week at 10/$10 (or a buck a piece instead of the normal $2.50 each--yow!) so I'm doing red peppers.

Ever the economist, I'm just gonna have to make dishes with red peppers this week. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, it'll be Bulgar Wheat with roasted tomatoes, onions and (you got it) red peppers :)


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