Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Photoshopped Blogs of War

So the book is getting great reviews which can only mean one thing: Blackfive has become truly famous and therefore must suffer the ilk of Photoshoppers far and wide. After all, there's a blog, a book--there's even a poster!!

And the advertisement/poster which has caused such a stir has undergone some delicate and tricky surgeries of its own. Not that this has caused Uncle Jim to change--he still eats babies for lunch! Just look at the photo!

Indeed, here we have a demonstration not only that the Photoshopper has installed Kai's Power Goo package but that they also have a good set of filters for image outlines and masks--and they know how to use them! Reuters and the RIFs could take some lessons from these wizards.

But by far, my favorite of Uncle Jimbo's makeovers is the hippie look. Nice 'fro, dude, it really suits you.


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