Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Condi Meeting with Terrorists in Jerusalem?

Update: found it--from 2 days ago, sorry for the false alarm. Ha'aretz covered the meeting between Condi Rice and Hussein al-Sheikh in the last paragraph:
At the U.S. Consulate in East Jerusalem, Rice will meet with Hussein al-Sheikh and Kadura Fares. Also invited to the meeting will be members of the Palestinian parliament, Hanan Ashrawi and Mustafa Barghouti.
Great. Could she squeeze anymore known terrorists into that meeting? Very sad news.

From Atlas Shrugs today, I learned:
Shurat HaDin - Israel Law Center is protesting today's meeting between the American Secretary of State and a Palestinian terrorist leader, Hussein al-Sheikh, who was responsible for organizing and financing several Jerusalem suicide bombings. The terror attacks killed several Israelis and injured hundreds of others including numerous American citizens. Secretary Rice is due to meet the Fatah Tanzim leader at the American Consulate in East Jerusalem today as part of her week-long visit of Middle Eastern states.

Shurat HaDin has written to the Israeli police demanding that they arrest al-Sheihk if he enters Jerusalem to attend the meeting. The letter notes that information detailing al-Sheihk's involvement in the terror attack came from the confessions of other Fatah Tanzim terrorists who were convicted of carrying out the bombings and shootings. In once instance, the letter states that the involvement of al-Sheihk in a deadly Jerusalem suicide bombing in March 2002 which killed three Israelis and injured more than 85 others was included in a military court indictment for which several terrorists have been convicted.
Naturally, I went to my usual sources to corroborate this, since Condaleeza Rice has been meeting with Abbas of Hamas, not Hussein al-Sheikh of Fatah.

The Jerusalem Post makes no mention of it in their coverage of Condi's visit to Israel. The Ha'aretz also doesn't seem to be covering this alleged meeting. Both papers have Condi meeting with Abbas and, sadly, listening to that lying Propagandist Saeb Ereket, but that can't be helped, I suppose. Hopefully, she's not listening to all of Ereket's hatespeak.

Ha'aretz did say "The secretary of state held talks with officials of Abbas' Fatah party at the American Consulate-General in Jerusalem before heading to Ramallah for her parley with Abbas." which is kinda messed up, since Abbas is of Hamas, not Fatah, but given this is the only mention of Condi going to the East Jerusalem office in the same sentence as mention of Fatah, I guess this is all we're gonna get.

Ha'aretz notes "On Thursday, Rice will meet Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, and is then expected to leave Israel - possibly for an unscheduled visit to Beirut." so if Condi has or is meeting with Hussein al-Sheikh, no one's talking about it. Even Ynet isn't saying nuthin' Odd, huh?

I don't recognize who Naomi Ragen is, the source cited by Atlas Shrugs, but I think she needs to fact-check better or the Israeli press needs to have covered this meeting. One or the other has made a mistake here. The fact that Condi went to East Jerusalem while in Israel is newsworthy--East Jerusalem is 100% Arab-occupied still.


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