Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hamas "Saving" Money by Not Spending $90 million?

So where is the money going, you might wonder? I cannot say it better myself--Helen/EU Referendum even has the right level of sarcasm here:
There was a certain amount of boasting about the money Hamas was saving for the Palestinian people - $90 million, if we are to believe [Prime Minister Isma’il Haniyeh] – by not buying mobile phones or new cars for ministers and members of the Legislative Assembly.

All of that was greeted with deathly silence. Saving money? What has that to do with government? Surely, more will arrive from all those gormless Western governments and NGOs? And, in any case, a good deal of the savings seem to be on salaries that have not been paid for some time.

On the one hand, Israel must be destroyed; on the other hand, the aim is the 1967 borders; then again, there was no Palestinian state before 1967. So what is the aim? Well, right now, it seems that the aim is to have another war with Israel, who is objecting rather strenuously and often militarily to what they say is a continued smuggling of guns into Gaza. And, of course, the only possible chance of creating anything resembling unity among the Palestinians is a war with Israel.
You have to stop firing to have a cease fire, but apparently that one little detail has been overlooked in doing all of the "cost-savings" calculations.

Full story at EU Referendum


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