Thursday, October 05, 2006

Israeli Police Shoot Illegal Immigrant Worker

In a sad story of Palestinian terrorists up to no good--and paying dearly for it with their lives--we find the Israeli Police not showing so "lily-white" either.

The Post reports "a Palestinian working illegally in Jaffa panicked when caught by police, and tried to grab a policeman's gun, which misfired, killing him. But within a few hours, the policeman broke under questioning and confessed that the worker did not attack the policeman who shot and killed him."

Under questioning, the policeman admitted to loading his weapon without any prior instigation by the Palestinian worker or his companions. The policeman involved in the shooting was arrested, and following his questioning was released to house arrest.

The man killed, a 29-year-old resident of Tarkumiya, near Hebron, was working on a nearby construction site. Neither he nor his brother, who was working with him, had permits to work in Israel.

Ynet News has additional coverage, with more strong opinions, as always.

Not to sanctify the policeman's unprovoked shooting, but gee, guess if these two Palestinians weren't illegal immigrants in a country with which they are currently at war, they might not have run into trouble with Israeli Police. I thought the Palestinians wanted to live in their own state under their own laws? Or am I ignoring that they want to have their cake and eat Israel's, too?


Blogger dirty dingus said...

I know you are being somewhat tongue in cheek here but...

I feel really sorry for these sorts of basically harmless palestinians. These are the one who have been utterly fucked over by the crooks and murderers who run the PA and Hamas and, since they aren't suicidal or good at fighting they don't stand a hope in hell of changing anything. Don't ask me what the solution is (my solution is napalming any and every hamas rally or funeral and killing any and every member of Hamas, Fatah etc. that I can identify but that probably wouldn't work) but these guys and their familaies are the victims far more than any other group.

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