Thursday, October 05, 2006

RocketRide (Hezbollywood Remix)

I dunno, are we Truth Sayers just getting snazzier in our music selection or is it just too easy to find snappy tunes to go with the catchy fauxtography? Yes, well, I'm following up on the DhimmiTube Scanda. In case you hadn't heard the buzz in the last several days, YouTube's making Jihad against Free Speech - get the gist in Michelle Malkin's hilarious Open Video Letter to YouTube, embedded for your listening pleasure).

One of the "Banned by YouTube" videos is RocketRide - the Hezbollywood Remix, preserved for the Free World by Flurl (who are definitely going to be seeing more business in the near future if DhimmiTube doesn't wise up!!) Embedded here for easy listening (snappier than easy listening). Visit all of your old fauxtography friends and screaming ladies. Watch Rocket Ride now.


Blogger Betsy said...

Hi, Sarah.

Is it possible to get this so it doesn't play automatically? It's really annoying to open a web-page and have sound come up unexpectedly. Especially since it may take some time to find the source of the sound and figure out how to stop it.


Thu Oct 05, 06:16:00 AM CDT  
Blogger -sry said...

Hey, Betsy, that was quick!

Yeah, it's driving me NUTS m'self. I already set the param autoplay='false' but it just seems to want to play no matter what. I'll keep tweaking on it.

If it's any consolation, imagine how *I* must feel given I View Blog everytime I post a message to be sure it laid out okay. *arrgggghh* If I hear the words "Have you been injured?" one. more. time. I'm a-shooting this screen! ;-)


Thu Oct 05, 07:11:00 AM CDT  

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