Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Violence Erupts in Baghdad

Erupts? Did no one notice there's been a WAR going on there for some time now? Did it really take Yet Another "rash of killings" to catch the MSM's eye? Geez. And here I thought having our troops STILL THERE meant the violence had not yet subsided. Let's do some math:

Violence across Iraq has spiked in recent days, with more than 200 people killed since Sunday in clashes, bombings or shootings — despite U.S. and Iraqi officials' claims that a new security operation in the capital has lowered Sunni-Shiite killings there, which had risen in June and July.

Excuse me, but where's the spike? Have not people been dying in Iraq from RIF violence pretty steadily for several years now? Yes, yes, I know taking out Sadaam had some wonderful impact on the daily death toll, but that didn't end the War On Peace going on there. I don't know, maybe if anyone asked the folks on the ground, we'd hear about this as "continuing violence" instead of "erupting violence."

Yeah, not in a very satirical mood this morning. Worldwide violence does that to me sometimes.



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