Friday, September 08, 2006

Still Following the Money...Still Leads to Hamas

Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, reported today that on Friday, the offices of an Israeli Arab prisoner advocacy group the authorities said was a front for funneling money to Hamas was shut down.

In a pre-dawn raid, police and the Shin Bet security service confiscated hundreds of documents at the headquarters of the Prisoners Association in the Galilee town of Majdal Krum and throughout their West Bank branches. By using loaded adjectives and misleading names--such as "Prisoners Association"--the terrorists are able to funnel money under the guise of human rights work.

Shin Bet, however, is not widely-known for being a trusting sort of group. Therefore, when the Israeli security force dug into the matter, when they followed the money, they were not surprised to find that the money trail lead directly into the pockets of the Hamas terrorists.

The "advocacy" group's chairman, Munir Mansour, served time in Israeli prisons after he was convicted of security offenses, but was released in a prisoner exchange in 1985. He has recently called on the Palestinian Authority and Hamas to demand the release of several hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Hundreds and thousands of terrorists for one Israeli. And so the unbalanced offers continue. I just have to wonder when Israel will stop playing the game of "negotiating with terrorists."

Dai k'var!! Loh?


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