Monday, November 27, 2006

Exploding Teddy Bears, too!

Last week, we had exploding grannies (not the first female suicide bomber but the oldest). Now it's exploding teddy bears. From the IDF news briefs:

An IDF force uncovered a bomb-building facility in Nablus Friday night during a cooperative operation of IDF and GSS. In the laboratory they found three cloth belts filled with explosives, toy dolls with wires protruding from them, a hollowed-out coat used to hide the explosive material, 20 lightbulbs and bulb holders used to ignite the explosives, test tubes, an empty gas tank, empty pipes, batteries, 40 liters of oxygen gas, nuts and bolts, and more. The force detonated the explosives in a controlled manner

Great. What's next? Exploding babies? God help us all. Download and watch the WMV of the IDF'ers on site.


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