Thursday, November 23, 2006

Maybe It's a Language Translation Problem?)

The Jerusalem Post reported overnight that the French have received authorization to fire at IAF overflights in Lebanon's airspace. This, it is claimed, rationalized, and purported, is because "Israel's overflights are in clear violation of the cease-fire" (referring to UN Security Council Resolution 1701). I guess the French words for "cease fire" don't translate the same way we thought they did. I have a good OED dictionary here if they want to borrow it.

I've said this multiple times before, you have to have a cease fire before you can demand its enforcement.

That is, the terrorists have to stop firing rockets into Israel before you can say there's been a "cease fire" to be violated. I haven't yet seen a cessation. Did I miss it? Aren't Israelis still dying from rocket attacks from both the north and the south? I know I've been busy with NaNoWriMo, but did peace break out in the Middle East and I just missed it completely??!!

Wow. World peace and I missed it.

Oh, no, wait, there's still a war going on in Lebanon. And in Iraq (150 KIA, 238 WIA). And in Afghanistan (217 KIA to date, but the poppy trade saw a 60% increase on 2005 levels -- 6,100 tonnes which is 90% of the world's supply so A-stan is doing just fine by the war economy, and what's a few hundred dead civilians when you control the world's supply of opiates?)

Heck, the RIFs are even killing people in India (2 KIA, 10 WIA). As a matter of fact the death toll worldwide due to RIF terrorist actions for the last 48 hours is well over 200 non-combatants, close to 300. But that's not war, right? Just an "insurgency" or "incident" for the news fodder.

Oh, and of course, the "Palestinian" terrorists (Hamas and Fatah) continue to kill each other and any Israelis they can manage in between, but well, who cares about innocent Israelis being slaughtered by in-fighting terrorists, right? Oh yeah *slaps forehead* Israelis care and I'm an American-Israeli. Duh!!

Whew! Thought I'd missed world peace by holing up with a good book.


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