Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving @Home, Christmas in Darfur

Really hard to read the dark grey on black text at the title-linked Christmas in Darfur web site, but highlight all and you can see what's up.

Bascially, the guys over at MyPetJawa are heading off to Darfur to be "feet on the ground" over Christmas--and hey, while they're there, sure would be nice to meet some of the uniforms behind the "incidents" getting reported in the blogosphere daily. The footage collected will be incorporated into the documentary film, Christmas in Darfur.

Although Pajamas Media is supporting the effort with a base push, they are in need of monetary or other (tangible) contributions (see the pic for some ideas on gear they anticipate needing for this trip). If you can contribute gear, money or even frequent flyer miles (to save them the cost of airfare), please click through.


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