Sunday, December 24, 2006

Killing Me Softly

I have to admit, TheFunniestInfo site is just too addictive, it's like a toy. This seasonally topical shot is truly made awesome by the "righteous mom" at the right side of the frame, valiantly covering her little boy's eyes while she looks at the display aghast. Hmmm, maybe she ought to stop looking, too, huh? I like the tilted-head pose of the studious shoppers on the left, hehe.

Some people just have sex on the brain--some people just haven't got a brain, like this woman who clearly is so happy she won a golfing tournie she has stopped thinking completely. Uhh, want a little milk with your Cheerios and banana there? Oh has the Trojan sponsor got that covered?

This is obviously an optical illusion. You are just imagining that there are little pink ribbons on that mailbox. You probably think this hamster experiment is real, too. Or you might even fall for the gravity-vortex defying cat, and secretly believe in aliens.

Before you contemplate suicide, don't consult an "Assistant" from the Evil Empire, listen to your wife. Truly, if anyone knows how to handle those Evil Killer Bunnies and their lethal ray guns, it's the wife. :-)

Happy happy joy joy to all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You love who!?!? Better check that link...

Sun Dec 24, 11:52:00 AM CST  
Blogger Jasini said...

I've been going through that site for maybe half an hour or so, and have seen maybe five funny pictures (the kitten with the mind control hat is one). Usually I'm just picking the less offensive one (and it's sometimes a tough choice).

I see funnier pictures at and over at the Sims2 forum.

Tue Dec 26, 03:15:00 PM CST  
Blogger Jasini said...

Re my earlier messege,you can see my Sim pictures here:

Some are funny, some are not.

Tue Dec 26, 04:23:00 PM CST  
Anonymous Mark Townsend said...

Ummmm... Sarah.... You might want to check this entry. It looks like one of your images was fitted with a boobytrap to stop people hotlinking. I'm fairly sure you harbour no romantic feelings for Hitler but you might want to delete the picture.
- Mark T

Wed Jan 17, 10:55:00 AM CST  

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