Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sights & Sounds of Cheery Merriment

The time for suicidal snowmen has passed, it's true. Now, we're all supposed to start getting into "good cheer" for the holiday season (at least, the Christian holiday season taking over all life forms in the United States for the next three weeks), here are some visual aids. You like visual aids, don't you? :-) As you can tell from my choice of images here, I'm not really in the spirit of it all just yet.

But the Funniest Images List is helping. Besides this fun little airplane image, there's the 2-parter: #21 (Jedi Squirrels) and its sequel, The Evil Empire Strikes Back (#19). Don't they make a nice pair? Granted not as nice a "pair" as the True Origin of the Firefox logo (#7) but close :) I definitely like the slogan on #36 but I know none of you guys out there will even read the WORDS being blinded by the white light.

When it comes to the sign in #38 this *has* to be a joke, or at least fauxtography, no? *ack* They've updated the list while I'm composing this blog entry. That image is gone now - bummer! It was a sign for a Family Planning Clinic at a hospital that said "Family Planning advice: Use Rear Entrance" - ah well, gone but not forgotten! (update: finally found it here - had to go through a bunchaton of LOL images to get there though...the sacrifices I make for you, my life for you!)

I see, they explain the disappearance here:
...every few minutes the server does some analysis ... and comes up with a list of the best things.
Okay, well, whilst clicking away on the voting page to get new pairs of images, I did enjoy stumbling upon this heretofore unseen image from industry: If Condoms Had Sponsors, so the theme isn't entirely lost, eh?

Speaking of industry, the industrious young lasses in school uniforms on Dykes Drive are pretty good keepers, too.

The comics site ain't half bad either (see sample at right and click through for more). You have to be a math geek to really appreciate many of them, though. I love the calculus and linear algebra jokes. Call me crazy.

Then there's the differences between men and women. (Warning, that last one might actually blind you--me, I saw the boat first. Women, huh?)

Not to mention the inequities of the world. Some people vent on the innocent, some gloat over minor victories, and then there's the "cop at attitude" approach--or is that a cop with an attitude? Down in Broward County, Florida, they could use a little attiude, I guess.

When it all gets to be too much, the artiste just lets himself get involved in his work *smirk* I really do need to start cartooning. It's just such a great mechanism for creative release, isn't it?


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