Friday, September 08, 2006

Potstickers....Power of Suggestion

Potstickers....Chinese (Peking) dumplings....Japanese Gyoza...perversely addictive little packages of pan-fried delight which were planted in my imagination this past weekend (Labor Day weekend) when conversations on The Bar turned to utterly silly and fanciful diversions. They talked and talked about ordering me (and RES) some potstickers but none showed up :(

So I made some for myself :) But then, if you want something done right, you are best-advised to do it yourself. And to be honest, Gyoza (the form of these tidbits which I prefer) are so very easy to make. The dough can take a while but I confess, I cheated this time. I bought the package of prepared Gyoza wrappers (150 wraps +/- for $1.99) at Schnuck's when I was there drooling over the red peppers. No, there are no chopped up red peppers here *smirk*

Even though I don't keep Kosher, I don't tend to keep pork in the house (certainly not ground up) and I definitely don't see myself buying shrimp to grind, sooooo, I just use ground beef. I've also done these with ground chicken, ground turkey, ground veal even! Though the veal was when I was in Israel and it was on sale--veal is way too expensive to waste on potstickers!

Other than making the paper-thin wraps (which I avoided having to do this time) the chopping up of nappa or bok choy takes less time than dicing onions and mushrooms and sauteeing them. Actually, waiting for all the liquid to be absorbed after you get the little suckers all pan-fried golden-brown is the most trying on my patience. I keep wanting to check and see if they're ready. Then, of course, the steam comes out and they--guess what?--stick to the pan! That's why they're called potstickers but my Wok can take it.

Yummmmmm. I ate too many of them but they were just too good!

I keep posting photos of what I'm making for "lunch" but I don't see this continuing as a habit so don't anyone out there go getting any ideas ;) I reserve the right to keep posting photos of food, though. Gotta do something to pass the time while I'm waiting for it to cook and since I'm (still) trying to quit smoking my usual "cigarette timer" isn't a good idea, nachon? Just say yes.


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Gyoza - yummmmmmmmmm

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