Thursday, November 02, 2006

Atomic Clock Conspiracy - Part Deux

So, yes, it's continuing but I'm ignoring it. No, I'm not but I'm pretending it was my intention to get up in the middle of the freakin' night ;)

Right. So where were we when last we left our fair heroes? Ah yes, I do seem to recall something about a SIG imprint on a naked ass in Rainey's hand. Poor guy. No, he's not going to enjoy where this is going. In fact, Charles Rainford is not going to get particularly lucky (or "lucky") for the better part of this book--though he sure seems to think himself mister wonderful, doesn't he? Hah. That'll teach him to taunt the Fictional God Creator (uhh, that's me, remember?)

All right, got one cup of coffee (one oz drunk, only 15 oz to go before I start sorta-kinda making sense here) and well, erm, 25 or 30 piles of notes which sure sounded like a good idea last week when I was trying to pass the time.

Hey, I know what comes next! They go out to dinner and when they "stumble" upon Steffan and Lisa going at it in the Jag, Rainey gets all pissy because he's sexually frustrated. But. I swear to you (and G-d) Rainey did not cause Steffan's fatal accident after that. Well, maybe just a little *tee hee*


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