Saturday, November 11, 2006

In the Zombie Room...Lacey's Run Begins!!

So, I've finally got it. I know how and why Lacey's "run" begins. I know where. I know when. I'm in the middle of writing it now. Snippets 16 and maybe 17.

It's not the way I'd wanted it to be, not the way I'd envisioned it would be, not even involving Lisa and an ice pick (at the moment) but it's working very, very well with where I last left Rainey and Lacey, their "relationship issues" and of course, the evil plot by the Villian, Roger Townsend (aka Jolly Fucking Roger).

Not to mention Lacey's sudden disappearance under these (new) circumstances really works well to fuel Rainey's eagerness to wipe out the little gnat, maggot, blood-sucking leech and all-around waste of space on God's Green Earth as soon as possible. Or am I painting too evil a picture of Roger Townsend? Hmmmm.....

Well, see, it's like this :) I know what you do not--or not yet. I know what Roger did to Lacey. Can you guess? Rainey hasn't, not in his worst nightmares, but he'll find out. Two or three snippets from now. I can't wait!! Better get my F-bombs loaded 'cause Rainey is sure gonna cut loose when he gets the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth--and God bless Mark Townsend's naive little heart and soul for telling him. The pack of Rottweilers are on their way, Mark, for you and your little dog, too. Aren't cha' glad you agreed to be Tuckerized? *evil grin*

So our mood music this happy weekend, naturally must have some dark and sometimes lewd undertones. Who else? Depeche Mode's Exciter album, a cut in the middle titled "The Dead of Night" with lyrics (quoted below). These are lyrics to inspire and plunge my Muse down into the dark depths of insanity.

Snippet #16 coming later today but play the clip now to enter The Zombie Room while you're waiting.
We're the horniest boys
With the corniest ploys
Who take the easiest girls
To the sleaziest worlds

With our lecherous plans
In our treacherous hands
You'd be wasting your time
Saying no, it's a crime

All that we life for you'll regret
All you remember we'll forget

We are the Dead of Night
We're in the Zombie Room
We're twilight's parasites
With self-inflicted wounds

We are the Dead of Night
We're in the Zombie Room
Heavenly oversights
Eating from silver spoons

With our decadent minds
And our innocent lines
You'll be playing our games
With your bodies in flames

When delirious fun
Has seri-ously begun
You'll be down on your knees
You'll be begging us please

All we're demanding you'll supply
All we're accused of we'll deny



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