Thursday, November 09, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 9 Update

I didn't do nearly enough writing today. I'm still way ahead of the game (at 32,100 words as we speak) but I'd hoped to get more done. I got a lot of "life" done instead and that feels good, too. I could have skipped the hour and half of raking, though. My hands are all rubbery now :-( Even worse, I only got half the yard done. I have to go back out there. Maybe this weekend.

So Snippet #14 has been uploaded and I've decided, The Crystal Method's song PHD is definitely Lacey's music. Just feels like her attitude--her recent attitude anyway. So you wanna get a piece of this? Yep. Sounds like Lacey's 'tude in Snippet 14. Listen to the long clip while you read, let me know if you agree.


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