Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Two More Tuckerizations

One and a half but who's counting? And Sean needs to be redshirted later so it's really two half-Tuckers. From Snippet #12, we have Rainey and Lacey chatting in Lacey's apartment. Her "important" things (read: weapons, reloading equipment, other accessories) have been packed--finally!!--and it's nearly dawn. They've been up all night. Yeah, they had some of that going on, too, but that's in earlier snippets. This one is just banter and a review of Lacey's weapons that "must" go with her person or she's not leaving.

Now playing: "Freestate" by Depeche Mode - listen to the lyrics of this one while reading and you'll see why it's the mood for this snippet! The full version anyway. Here's the snippet excerpt:
"Come on, Lacey, that's enough."

"I'm not leaving all of this, and besides, there's that mess you made in the hall still to be tended."

"I told you, Tony will have a crew here before dawn, and they'll take care of it." He checked his watch. Nearly dawn now.

"They'll have a van, many more strong backs than mine and they'll take care of everything. Trust Tony to handle this. He has excellent organizational skills or I wouldn't keep him on hand."

"He's a computer dweeb. He doesn't know the first thing about how to handle this sort of equipment. As for those goons you keep hiring--"

"Sean Gartlan is not a goon and I advise you never to call him such a thing to his face. He's very sensitive about how hairy a fellow he is. He might take it the wrong way, think you're calling him some sort of gorilla. He fancies himself a wolf, from what I hear." He chuckled at the words before he could stop himself. He was definitely getting silly now.

She hissed and turned her back to him. Rainey went over to her, clasped his hands around her waist, rested his head against the hers.

"Lacey, it's been a long night. I haven't slept more than two hours in two days. The car is full. We're leaving."


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