Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lacey / Rainey Update

So the Lacey & Rainey story is coming along nicely, got a bunchaton more written early this morning. I'm not uploading snippets anymore, and I'm not really bothering to upload to the Nano site (since it's reeeeeeeally slow) though I might do one more upload to up the numbers tomorrow or the next day.

So why am I posting if I don't have anything new to GIVE you FREE? :) I dunno. Figured I should say "Yeah, I'm still writing. Yeah, they're still alive. Nope, not gonna tell you what happens."

Just kidding. Well, not about them still being alive. For now, anyway.

I'll probably comment here or there, excerpt good stuff, maybe excerpt the ongoing Tuckerizations. Both Sean Gartlan and Richard Hartman are fleshing out in the scene I'm on right now. I'm tempted to share it with you guys, but...

Problem is this, right where I cut off the snippets--or in the scene immediately following, which is WHY I cut off the snippets where I did--there is a major plot spoiler, a major plot twist, I guess. I didn't want to snerker that for ya (or me).

So I'm torn between wanting to wax on about these folks and not wanting to spoiler the whole book--or I could have just kept on snippeting!! Geez. I can say this much 'cause it's already posted on the Bar. I posted in John Lambshead's I Love Lucy conference a thread about Erbistock Hall (very funny turn there, apparently although it exists in real life, it doesn't really...or no one seems to know about this 300 year old estate. It's part of the Historic National Parks system in Wales now. I think). Some good brainstorming and ideas came out of that (though nearly as much confusion, as well). You can go read Mr. Lambshead's conference (which you should anyway 'cause there are always good things popping up in there! Great pics forex) to see what was brainstormed there.

Suffice to say, Lacey will hire a fishing boat captain and take a day and a half (about 16 hrs) "cruise" across the Channel and up into Wales...hopefully not making a wrong turn and ending up in Ireland (like Rosslar or gawwwwd forbid, Dublin!! really not where she wants to be)

There's definitely a little bit of a mind game going on with Lacey's spotter for the Erbistock job. Oh, and the plot finally thickens and meets up with Roger Townsend, the fiend! The Evil Villian fiend! And naturally, Joe Buckley starts making his two-timing, double-dipping face known, so that's bound to be fun.

But how to share all this with you and not spoiler it all? Hmmm...gonna take some thought. And it's past my bedtime.



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