Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Comics To Distract You

Because I'm not the only Nano'er reading online comic strips (okay, no stripping but close!!) as a means of distraction that can be called "research" or "input for my funny bone" we are all lucky enough to get to read a perfectly clean and somewhat amusing little strip by Overdue Media (one of the authors, Gene Ambaum, is friends with Tuckerized-in-my-story and Nano'er herself, Lisa Satterlund).

Click through the Overdue Media archives for Nov 6 through 11th for NanoParodies. And yes, they are parody. No, we Nano'ers don't really behave that way!

Had to update this for one more keeper: Will Write for Chocolate cartoonist/author has it down - oh, yeeeesssss!! Read InkyGirl's strip "Alphabet Soup" too - fight to save the semi-colons!!


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