Thursday, November 16, 2006

NaNoWriMo - DOWNsizing

Yes, I know, that's the wrong direction but I had all this "stuff" in the end of the file outlining all my Joe Buckley ideas and really, I'm not there yet, so I've cut it out. I just killed nearly 2000 words (not dead, saved off in a separate file) so I could "test" my file with the scrambled upload dongle at NaNoWriMo and see where I am. I'm at 47,126 words. Still only 3000 away from the 50k goal so I'm good.

The Joe Buckley Tuckerization (and redshirting) is actually just slapping Joe's name onto a previously-existing minor character (Tommy the Aussie) so it's good I had that all written down somewhere (from the Tavern posts) but really not necessary to have cluttering the mss file. I'm halfway through (finished Snippet 10 and loving this story! I hadn't recalled how much fun this story was--or how much "story" was packed into it already) Will probably reading most of today and get back to cranking those last 3000 words out tomorrow.

The snippets (TXT files) are not going to be updated. I said this before, just repeating it for those of you who are hard of hearing. No major changes have really occurred, existing stuff is just "strengthened" or "reinforced" with motivations inserted earlier on. The basic plot points are exactly the same as I wrote them the first time. Honest.

Go read some comics, seriously. Or not seriously, lighten up :)


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