Saturday, November 11, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 11 End Count

So Close...and Yet, So cigar for me.

I've just uploaded Snippet #16 and my current wordcount is 37,900 words. Argggh. Yes, I could probably stop being lazy, write the rehashing of Steffan's death (when Lacey and Rainey break the news to Lisa) Still not interested. Despite it being at least a hundred words right Pass. I'm good.

Maybe tomorrow morning. I'm positive I'll be breaking the 40k word mark tomorrow, no problemo. I've got the next couple of scenes just pressing at the gate to go, just have to clear the headspace to crank 'em out. Will do by 0300 tomorrow. For now, at 1717 CST (love those magic numbers) I'm outta' here.

Enjoy #16 - it's a doooooosey of a twist!!

But wait! There's more! Snippet #17 is gonna be AWESOME! Sean Gartlan and Derek "Tony" Benner come back onstage.

And so the end begins :-)


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