Monday, November 06, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 6

I am pretty darn close to the 25k mark. Have not uploaded much in the way of Snippets (#8 last night/early this morning but was written yesterday) because I'm still writing and worrying and writing and laughing and writing and get the idea.

Will have the Snippet Hole updated sometime later today. My pace is slowing as I get to less clearly-formed segments. I had already envisioned the A to B to C to *here* stuff that's been written and I was just spewing it out. I have a handful more of those scenes left, but only a handful and from various parts of the story.

If all else fails, I'll snippet those out and then go away to a cave to read source materials (The Ultimate Sniper, On Killing, various and sorted Army FMs, too many PDFs to list). My current pace suggests I'll reach 50k around the 14th or 15th but I think it will be the 16th or 17th. My "gut feel" on the length of the completed work holds steady at 120k and the Firefox addin "predicts" 122.6k as of right now so I'll trust my gut.

Once I pass 50k, I shall definitely take some time out for "life stuff" that's on hold right now. Uhh, like cranking up the job search about ten freaking notches. I've only followed up on 2 previous applications and sent in 3 new ones in the 6 days since NaNoWriMo began. That's less than one a day and I should be sending out one an hour at this point. NaNoWriMo is completely consuming my focus. This is not good. Well, it's great but Greatness won't pay the bills. Might have to reconsider that 'fly suggestion about wage work at the area's "Largest Employer in St. Charles" just for cash while I keep looking, waiting, wondering how to get back into aerospace or DoD contracting. Got a job to fill? Get my CV and see if I'm a match.



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