Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Good "Redshirting" Music

The Crystal Method is not on my list of "music to write by" like Depeche Mode or (for killing scenes) The Prodigy, but sometimes TCM just has a good thing going. That's why, several years ago, I bought their "Tweekend" CD, from which the first cut titled "PHD" is just "one of those things." It just grows on you, what can I say?

Better to get me into "the game" is (aptly titled) "Name of the Game" (great crazy driving video btw--nothing to do with my "game"--but better than the "official music video" which is too tame for the lyrics) and when I hear "Murder" I haven't even realized it before I've written another death scene, something violent, lots of noise and lights or if the only lights are behind bloody eyues, then just noise....until the roar of Death settles in.

Listen to all the clips of the "Tweekend" album (yes, yes, some of it was featured in that T&A movie "Charlie's Angels") with TCM's Flash player keyboard.


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