Sunday, November 05, 2006

RIF kids...not a new "obsession"

Update: The show just started and I recognized it INSTANTLY. I actually blogged the 9min clip that is the centerpiece of this show back on September 5, 2006. It's excellent. If you cannot access FOX news to watch the "expanded" version, go here to read my comments on what I have been calling "The RIFs' War on Peace" and watch the embedded YouTube of the 9min clip.

Remember this photo? I posted it in September here, and today, while watching the 5min preview of the FOX news Special "Obsession," I saw the same image--but with kids. Kids. Yeah, children.

I've captured some of the images from the 5min preview for "Obsession" but the images are so horrific, so chilling, I decided to montage them together and make you click through to see the detail. I don't even want to see this myself the next time I open up my blog.

But please, for the sake of the children, look, accept the reality of this RIF idea of "good parenting." The "proper Muslim father" teaching his kids makes me want to be sick. Then if you're seeing this post in time and have access to FOX News TV, watch "Obsession". It's real. It's now. It's not just some more propaganda.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge and see detail.


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