Saturday, November 04, 2006

SuperSpy Clothes for Rainey/Lacey

Been trying to decide on a clothier for Rainey and/or Lacey. I know what I want - I want that outrageous look they had in La Femme Nikita all the time. Who wouldn't?

But CoSTUME National was the primary clothier for that show--and really never made it in Milan, even with the push the show gave them here in the States. Well, making it in Milan is a relative term. They're in Milan every year, twice a year, and get resounding applause and acclaim, so could be said they've made it but I mean "household name for the paeons" made it like Versace or Armani did in the 90s, or the history-making made it like Coco Chanel (who still is the icon for "the little black dress" bless Audrey Hepburn's long and lovely neck).

Maybe I can make a joke out of CoSTUME National; I already have Rainey fixating on Italian leather (leather shoes, leather coat, leather gloves--even has leather accoutrements on his sunglasses, the vain slob. Hey, leather doesn't wrinkle *grin* That's Rainey's story and he's sticking to it, *sigh*)

Lacey's clothes are...more practical-minded, I think. She doesn't seem to give much thought to it and honestly, this goddess image I have of her makes her someone who could look good in a napkin. Okay, any woman can look good in a napkin *grin* but I mean there's this way about her that lets her "toss on whatever's at hand" and, without bothering to duss it up, she looks like she spent 5 hours in the hands of the Chanel staff, instead of 5 min in her bedroom grabbing the quickest, easiest thing she could find.

I will admit, I keep seeing her mile-long legs in just over the knee boots, not sure why. You sure as heck can't run in 'em and uhh, tall blonde, high-heeled black boots, gee, would you notice her? Uh-yuh. Doesn't make any sense for her to wear such a thing--given she's paranoid about attracting attention--but I still see her in them :) Maybe it's the power of suggestion--for yet another year, they are still "it" in haute coutre accessorizing. Why abandon a good thing? :)

Am I just wishing too much for mere wardrobe of fictional characters? Maybe. Gotta live vicariously here, so why not aim high? :) Pasting below some images of the ideas but ignore the "walking hangars" *heh* Just looking at the clothes, not the people and is it just me, or are the models not particularly attractive people this year? Or am I just a sucker for an American Hero look? Can't see enough of Sergeant Rudy Reyes! :)

Use the comment thread if you see something you like (and no, not the people, just the clothes)

Rainey would never wear a velvet green suit, but... nice line to this suit! Maybe it's useful to Someone Else *smirk* I like the tan--but Rainey would never wear a light color, not even in warm weather. Okay, maybe brown but not tan.

The Versace leather--or fits like leather--is pretty standard fare; nice overcoat, though:

And From Chanel for Lacey - not loving this year's "Little Black Dress" looks but you see what I mean by "gotta have them boots" now, c'est pas?

From Versace (now that's a black dress!) and from CoSTUME (daywear for Lacey):


Anonymous Marcus said...

Hmmm.... nice.... me definitely likey.

Sat Nov 04, 05:48:00 PM CST  
Blogger -sry said...

Marcus! I had no idea you went that way ;-) though I confess, Sergeant Rudy Reyes is just so beautiful, you have to forget he's a real man and just worship the Art that God Created there. *grin*

WHICH walking hangar caught your fancy, Marcus? And you haven't even read any of the snippets, have you? Just looking at the pictures. Again. Some people never change *smirk*


Sun Nov 05, 01:56:00 AM CST  

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