Saturday, September 16, 2006

Living Out One's Fantasies...

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, center, shakes hands with North Korea's No. 2, parliament leader Kim Yong Nam, during his recent visit to the UN. See, Ahmaden-jihad has this little fantasy going where he's actually a world leader, not a terrorist among terrorists.

Then he goes and ruins the illusion by hob-nobbing around with North Korea, wining and dining Venuzuela's Chavez (whom we all know is such a kind and caring leader among *ahem* men...sorry, just choking on the words, even as sarcastic as they are). But you know, maybe Ahmaden-jihad has the Venuzuelan's number. Chavez just vowed "to defend Iran against any attack" - sure sounds like undying love to me!!

At least they are being honest with themselves. AP News got the real commitment down in writing:
Together with Iran, Cuba and Syria, Chavez is seeking to form "a new world order" opposing traditional U.S. dominance
There you go, boyz! Finally admitting you want a new world order is the first step to solving the problem. New world order coming right up!

You guys have any room left down there in the bottom-feeder slots you've now claimed as your own? Cause you left someone out, you know? Don't like Nasrallah anymore? Did he say something bad in his Al-Jazeera interview? tsk tsk tsk But you were so cheeky with him just last week!



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