Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Speaking of Terrorism....

Between FOXnews, AP News and the Jerusalem Post, I'm seeing mixed messages on the details but it seems the bottom line is The RIFs are killing themselves to get to US (pun intended). From the FOX news intro:
DAMASCUS, Syria — Three Islamic militants suspected to have Al Qaeda ties were killed Tuesday after a failed attempt to attack the U.S. Embassy with automatic rifles, hand grenades and a van rigged with explosives. A Syrian security officer was also killed, but no Americans were hurt.
One of Syria's anti-terrorism forces was killed and 11 other people were wounded, the official news agency reported. The wounded including a police officer, two Iraqis and seven people employed at nearby technical workshop.
A Chinese diplomat also was hit in the face by shrapnel and slightly injured while standing on top of a garage at the Chinese Embassy, China's Foreign Ministry said. The diplomat, political counselor Li Hongyu, was in stable condition at a hospital, the ministry said.

So they are killing themselves, their neighbors, their alleged allies BUT there's no violent Radical Islamofacism in Syria, right? Yeah, just checking.


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