Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Plan for Day 16 (the end is not so near)

Since I have "all this time left" to reach 50k and I'm at 48k now, I'm actually ruminating on the possibility of doing my first read-through before doing any writing tomorrow morning. In English (rather than WriterSpeak) that means, I think I might sit down at 0200 and read, from Snippet #1 straight through without stopping to Snippet #21 and then dig into 22, the "NanoCrashing" snippet. Why the hesitation? I'm torn with 3 directions in which I can go for the next POV. I need to reorient a bit.Usually, I do a read-through every 10-15k words. Haven't done a read-through at all for this story. Just been cranking it out "as is" everyday in the middle of the freakin' night.

I feel lost. Help! Help! :-)

No, seriously, since I have no outline to which I can refer, I need to do this as a responsible AuthorGod. Otherwise the entire universe might come crashing in on itself.

Besides already having introduced Joe Buckley, Brent Roeder and Jason Long, I have only a vague recollection in my mind of what other things I "planted" or "set up" early on...but I know there were at least two other plants in there. Maybe gardenias. Could have been orange blossoms. Not sure. Have to go back and read to see for myself so I can properly fertilize them as the story's action/pace picks up now.

This is just a warning...for you addicts out there. Go read some comics while you're waiting. Maybe Sequential Art will have a new one by tomorrow. Or go find me some new comics to stir up the funny bone, and post to the comment thread, 'kay? Good.



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